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Your Marketing, UI/UX and Software Development partner is up to the challenge.

tresor.tech is a digital machine and an amazing team of professionals ready to provide the best solution for the most demanding clients from all over the world.


We help to plan business development in various digital channels

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research for a better understanding of your product and its users, and thereby provide a long-term solution


New digital products creation

We consolidated brand experts, developers, marketers and designers with a common idea: to create amazing solutions that meet the user requests


Company growth

Integrated marketing involves continuous company development, both in RRS and in targeted advertising. Our analysts and advertising setup specialists are able to achieve maximum performance with minimal budget spendings

We build websites on the following platforms:

  • Wordpress
  • OpenCart
  • Webflow
  • React
  • Yii2
  • Laravel

More than 8 years in omnichannel marketing and web project development


Hundreds of successful projects for local and global brands

About the company.

Since 2014, our team has been working with different products, the evolution of which can be observed over the years.

Tresor.tech is a full-cycle Digital production, with its own developers, designers, and leading partners in Digital services market.


30+ Middle and Senior Specialists


50+ Business areas we have worked with


2 Specialties - eSports and PropTech

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Trusted by the best in the business

We work with companies from 20 countries of the world.

13,053 km is the distance from Kiev to Sydney, where our most remote client is located.

Geography of our clients: Miami, London, Warsaw, Melbourne, Dubai, Batumi, Tel Aviv, Astana, Podgorica, Toronto, Berlin, Trinidad & Tobago, Ontario, Riga, Kyiv and others...

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Work principles
and expertise .

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Winning is not always a race
or a fierce struggle

Our work is based on synergy and the principle of "Common Victory" when both partners win.
The real victory for us is to create a strong emotional connection between the brand and the audience.



We work only with clients who have a number of long-term goals and want to get a reliable partner for the high-quality performance of their tasks.

Due to this approach and a large team of specialists, we are able to implement any tasks in the field of design, digital, and PR.



Tresor team has excellent competence in the Esports sphere. The gaming / esports industry - from the logo and website to brand integration management.



The real estate sector - from the future residential complex renderings and website to the implementation of all the necessary functions on the project website and training your sales department by the acknowledged experts.


Creating a corporate website for business.

If your company is entering the market seriously and for a long time, or if it already has a distinctive history, but works exclusively the old-fashioned “offline” way, the first thing to do is to create a corporate website to represent your brand on the Internet. After all, as Bill Gates said, “If your business isn’t on the Internet, then you’re not in business.” And this is indeed the reality of modern business.


Unlike online stores, the main task of a corporate website is not to sell a product or service, but to bring information about the company, brand, product, goods and services to the maximum number of potential customers. Through the Web site is the communication with customers and partners are highlighting important news and events related to the activities of the company. Corporate websites are presented on a larger scale than the same business card or Landing Page.


Common features of a modern corporate website:


  • custom sophisticated design;
  • large amounts of information;
  • a multitude of pages;
  • multi-language;
  • complex site structure;
  • feedback form;
  • linking between pages;
  • catalog of goods or services;
  • Infoblocks for visitors to the site;
  • internal sections for official use;
  • price lists, etc.


Corporate website is a serious platform, we can say, the face of the company on the Internet. It forms the image of the brand, allowing you to build trusting relationships with partners, customers and employees. Therefore, the creation of a turnkey corporate website requires an individual and responsible approach, both from the developer and the customer. After all, it is the customer who knows his business and will be able to provide valuable information about his product, which will create an effective web resource that meets the following criteria:


  • attractive design designed incorporate colors;
  • the mandatory mobile version of the site;
  • convenient navigation and logical page structure;
  • intuitive interface for users;
  • Site security and high speed of page loading;
  • SEO-optimization (the site meets the requirements of search engines: Google, etc.).


The development process begins with the proper definition of goals and objectives for which you want to create a website.


Why does a company need to create a web site?


A corporate website is 100% necessary for medium and large businesses that are ready to expand and do not stop there. For small companies it is more profitable and cheaper to create a business card site.


When it’s time for a business owner to create a new corporate resource:


  • The firm has scaled so much that the old web resource no longer matches the ambitions of management;
  • The site is outdated: new technologies in the field of website development from scratch do not stand still, and this is a fact;
  • A company enters the international market and needs to create a positive image of itself on the Internet;
  • You need a multifunctional online platform for sales or customer service for your company;
  • We need a web-site on a single CMS, uniting the company’s offices in different cities, countries and continents;
  • in order to emphasize the authority, expertise, and market leadership of the company in its niche;
  • To present a new product online (brand promotion), etc.


If you have one of these goals, then it’s time to order the creation of a turnkey corporate website.


Developing a corporate website – the keys to success


The formula for a successful and effective corporate website is close connection and communication between the customer and the contractor at all stages of development, from design to the launch of the web resource. It is good if the customer is a business owner or the company’s top executives, who are empowered to make important strategic decisions.


If you decide to order a turnkey website, be prepared for the extra workload and take time for the project. Successfully implement a project to develop the site, it is possible if the customer:


  1. Excellent knowledge of the business from the inside, its competitors and potential customers: who they are, age category, gender, interests, preferences, needs. This will allow you to competently compose a USP (unique selling proposition) and to build up a good position against competitors.
  2. Understands all the business processes taking place in the company and the role of the future corporate website in the structure of sales. This will make it possible to establish and monitor key performance indicators of a web resource – KPIs, as well as integrate marketing tools: erp, analytics, crm, api, etc.
  3. Allocate people to work on the site – it is recommended that the team include a responsible decision-maker and a marketer. For large projects, the team should have its own technical specialist and copywriter who is familiar with the company’s business and product.
  4. Ready to consider the web developer’s proposals, take the time, consult and give feedback. Communication with the business owner at the prototyping stage is especially important, while the technical part of the project will require less time and attention from your side.
  5. Takes part in testing the prototypes created based on the needs of the end consumer. Look through the eyes of your potential customer: whether they like the prototype site, whether there is a desire to buy a product or order a service.
  6. Understands that after the launch of a web project, the work on the resource does not end, as a corporate website needs constant maintenance, administration and technical support. Search engine robots need to see that the site is “alive” in order to rank its pages as high as possible in search results and to outrank competitors.


Understands that after the launch of a web project, the work on the resource does not end, as a corporate website needs constant maintenance, administration and technical support. Search engine robots need to see that the site is “alive” in order to rank its pages as high as possible in search results and to outrank competitors.


The price of corporate web site turnkey


Development of a corporate website – a complex and time-consuming process consisting of several stages, each of which requires a certain time and budget for its implementation:


  1. Development of the site strategy. At this stage of development the market is studied, competitors, defined IA, on the basis of which is designed USP and created a plan to promote the resource. On the strategy development will take about 1-2 weeks and the involvement of specialists. On the number of specialists in the team and the complexity of the task formed the price of strategy development.
  2. UI / UX design. One of the important and costly stages of website development. If the design is made poorly, then any complex technical solutions and other benefits are reduced to zero. The cost and timing of the design depends on the complexity of the project (the number of pages developed, the presence of animations, complex graphic elements, etc.).
  3. Front-End development – the technical part of the project to create a corporate website. The main task of the Front-End specialist: to implement the designer’s ideas and make sure that the website opens in any browser, functions work correctly and pages are displayed on different devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones). At this stage we involve QA-engineer, who tests the functionality of the site, finds bugs and generally analyzes the interface. Prices for Front-End development are also calculated individually, depending on the complexity of the task and the amount of time spent by the team of specialists.
  4. Back-End development. Also a voluminous part of the work, which includes connecting external resources, processing data and queries. For Back-End development takes on average from 160 to 600 hours, based on which the budget for this stage of the project is formed.
  5. Creating an admin panel. At what CMS to order a site – also an important decision, which affects the overall budget of the project. Of course, you can order a website on a third-party CMS, and even free, but these admin panel does not guarantee complete safety from cyber attacks, and not always suitable for the client. The best solution is to create your own secure CMS to manage the content on the site. Prices for development of admin panel vary, depending on functionality and tools.


How to order a corporate website in Ukraine from web-studio Tresor


Prices for development of corporate websites in Ukraine are usually high, but not in Tresor studio. We never impose additional functionality on the client to increase the price, but only offer the solutions necessary for business. To order a working working corporate website from scratch, tell us about your aims and we’ll offer a unique solution, which will arouse delight of your clients and compliments of the partners.


Tresor development team – we are trusted because we work with integrity!

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