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We create catalogs, presentations and selling marketing materials for businesses. We prepare for printing in polygraphy. Fast and high quality.

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Making presentations that your clients and partners will remember.

Tresor.tech is a digital machine and an amazing team of professionals ready to fulfill orders in the best way for the most demanding clients from all over the world.

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More than 8 years of experience in branding, marketing and design

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Presentations, commercial offers and marketing kits

The presentation can be
used in any format.

Find out in 60 seconds

All about the benefits of the marketing kit for business in this short video

PDF presentation

An electronic presentation that can be sent to a potential client or partner.

Printed catalog

A printed presentation that can be given to the client at a personal meeting.

Marketing Kit

Promotional presentation, designed
in the form of a colorful paper or electronic book.

You definitely need a presentation if you:

Business owner

Doing business and want to talk about it in a modern and non-boring format

Company representative

You represent a company that is interested in attracting new customers and partners

Ways to apply the presentation to you:

Face-to-face meeting


An event or exhibition


by e-mail


Demonstration on a tablet


Commercial offer


Marketing tool

How our marketing materials
help clients.

Enhance your image

An exclusive presentation of the company's services in a printed catalog will show a serious level of preparation and greatly increase confidence in you.

Confirming Expertise

Marketing material will clearly show the depth of your expertise and allow you to quickly find and demonstrate a suitable case or product.

Communicate effectively

Competently structured and visualized presentation will display even the most complex product in an understandable form for your customers and partners.

Growth of sales

The marketing kit is a perfect assistant to any manager. It can be used as a visual manual for employees and as a sales tool.

Learn how to increase sales x2 with your presentation
Double your sales
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Download a presentation development brief:
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Optimal approach to presentation development.

Our presentations are aimed not so much at surprising clients as at fulfilling specific business tasks: advertising the brand, selling services, attracting an audience.

Marketing material from Tresor.tech is an effective tool that can encourage potential customers to buy, and partners to close the deal.

Find out in 60 seconds

All about the benefits of the marketing kit for business in this short video

  • Marketing analysis

    We conduct in-depth market research with a portrait of your target audience. We determine the needs and objections of customers, form a list of triggers and offers.

  • Elaboration

    Highlight your company's key advantage over others. Develop a unique selling proposition that leaves your competitors behind.

  • Selling text

    We prepare text content that sells without your participation. We guide the reader from "interested" to "buyer" in 10-20 pages.

  • Visual design

    We develop a stunning presentation design that is ahead of the competition. From the first pages, we capture the client's attention and create a favorable impression of your company.

  • Ready-made presentation

    In the output, you get a tool that is ready to work in any format: an electronic PDF version, a printed catalog, or a complete marketing kit to hand out to customers.

Trusted by the best in the business

We work with companies from 20 countries of the world.

13,053 km is the distance from Kiev to Sydney, where our most remote client is located.

Geography of our clients: Miami, London, Warsaw, Melbourne, Dubai, Batumi, Tel Aviv, Astana, Podgorica, Toronto, Berlin, Trinidad & Tobago, Ontario, Riga, Kyiv and others...

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What the process of working on your project looks like:


We study your product in detail. Collect and analyze information about the project.


Gather all the creative thoughts and ideas into a single concept for the future presentation.


We develop page prototypes, put meanings in the structure and sales texts.


We choose a unique style to make you stand out against the same type of competitors' presentations.


We develop a stunning design layout, suitable for the desired presentation format.


You get exclusive marketing material, ready for mailing or demonstration to clients and partners.

Resolutions and presentation formats:

You will receive the finished layout in 2 formats:

Electronic PDF file

Ready to print document


Classic square size presentation. Suitable for advertising any product.


Classic rectangular size presentation. Suitable for advertising any product.


Vertical orientation is the best way to design informative materials.

We will give a presentation in the right format, give a discount on printing, deliver finished materials to your address!

How to make a catalog that will interest the customer?

An article in which we share the secrets of developing effective sales presentations. Average reading time: 4 minutes.

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How much does it cost to create a sales presentation?

Marketing specialists, copywriters, and designers from our agency will develop the presentation.

The team will be supervised by a Project Manager, who will take into account all your interests and set the right tasks for the performers.

Cost calculation

Based on a finished prototype:

60 $ / slide

The development of turnkey:

90 $ / slide

What you get as a result?

A commercial proposal, presentation or marketing kit in a convenient format

A bright marketing book in electronic or printed form

An effective sales tool that works without your involvement

Customer delight, partner compliments, and results in deals and sales


Development of presentations and marketing kit.

Often, the name “marketing kit” conceals a whole list of selling elements, which include: catalogs, company presentations in electronic form and published in the printing press, brochures, flyers and other advertising document. The tasks of the marketing kit come down to convincing a partner, investor or potential client of the uniqueness and reliability of your product; what makes the company different from its competitors and why it is worth investing in it at all.


A marketing kit is the creation of a text and visual display of benefits, the purpose of which is to increase the company’s sales performance.

Creating a marketing kit: why it’s important for the company

Any company, no matter how it enters the market, wants to position itself on the side of uniqueness. To whom would a company that is no different from the rest sell? And why invest in it?

To build up the company from competitors and to present it correctly on the market and before investors is the basis for which the marketing kit service is ordered. This is just a small list of tasks that the development of a detailed advertising marketing kit can cope with:

  • attracting more audiences, leads and orders;
  • You are more likely to be selected among hundreds or thousands of other competitors;
  • customers are loyal to the product, sales are stimulated;
  • with the marketing kit competitors do not pose serious resistance;
  • your share of the overall niche sales market increases.

And this is not a complete list of how advertising in a catalog and presentation can influence a person’s decision: to buy from you, invest money – or turn to a competitor.

Marketing kit is an independent advertising tool that can easily stimulate the interest of CA in both B2C and B2B segments. Tresor team knows how the service and advertising works in Ukraine. And they are ready to share their developments with you.

Where and how you can use the company presentation

Developing a marketing kit and a presentation are not the same thing. The fact is that a marketing kit is only one type of presentation creation. The peculiarity of a marketing kit is that a catalog or brochure does not need a professional speaker or a company in the form of its employee to make a presentation. The catalog sells your product on its own. That’s the tricky thing about presentation material.


A classic presentation with slides is a brief outline for the speaker of the event; talking points, visualizations, and charts that need to be properly presented in front of the target audience. It is assumed that the presentation material will be transcribed by a specialist. In this version, the scheme works: presentation + speaker’s voice. The latter must “finish” the promotional material to success in front of the audience.


The marketing kit and presentation is used in many areas where advertising is needed:

  • The company shows itself personally – an advertising presentation material, a catalog, another document should briefly and concisely present the company and distinguish it from its competitors. The document can be taken to a meeting with the client and left for him to read it in detail, get into the idea and make a decision.
  • Advertising a service. Competently drafted marketing kit will help to briefly tell the customer what the service provides and encourage him to use it.
  • Product advertising. A catalog is a business card for a company’s product. If the customer doesn’t remember the presentation material, the marketing kit in the form of a document will remind him of your business and stimulate him to a targeted action.
  • A presentation at an event. Such events require a special advertising approach. Ordering presentation material supported by bright handouts will interest the CA and bring them closer to your company.
  • Marketing kit – personal name advertising. Not everyone works for the “big man” and in large companies. There are also small entrepreneurs who want their own tidbit in the commodity market. The main thing is not to forget that marketing kit is not just a marketing tool, but a catchy promotional presentation material.


You can put together a text and visualization in a couple of days within the company walls. But it will definitely not be enough for the customer to go and buy your product just after the presentation. Ordering a marketing kit from professionals who know customer psychology, engagement triggers and copywriting techniques, how the company works is the best solution and saves time.

Stages of marketing kit development by Tresor

The service of creating a marketing kit is only a small part of a complex assignment. The Tresor team doesn’t just make a catalog or other document as a “text+visualization”. It’s the last thing you need to work on to sell your product. The entire process of creating a marketing kit goes like this:

  1. You fill out a brief, which can be found on the site. According to it, the team determines the main tasks and objectives for the near future.
  2. Next, marketers conduct market research in your niche. The service consists of: an analysis of the product, target audience, competitors and the overall market situation. The result is a document that contains information for the competent compilation of the USP, presentation and catalog.
  3. The team pulls all the data together, creates several concepts and works on them with you.
  4. Development of draft pages for a presentation, catalog or other document, which includes the information received from marketers. So far, these are just prototypes with selling text.
  5. The designer and copywriter work on the style of the catalog so that it doesn’t look like any other on the market. Next, the visualization and complete packaging of your presentation document is created.


As a result of the Tresor team’s work you get unique materials – advertising in any variant: presentation, catalog, brandbook, brochure, etc. The finished layout consists of two formats: a pdf-file and a document for the print shop. It remains to present it to clients and get the first feedback.

What an effective company presentation should be

A good marketing kit is the fruitful work of the customer and an entire team, including a marketer, designer, copywriter, manager, and other specialists. Sometimes it’s hard to even count how many minds work on creating a single project.


You told the presentation material, presented the catalog, mailed the document as a commercial proposal. Next, the marketing kit works for you. Its effectiveness can be described in several points:


  1. It works for you, selling the offer 24 hours a day, no weekends and no holidays. Take catalogs to any conference, meeting, exhibition, or other event. Or send them to the participants long before the event, so they can get acquainted and ask questions about the product. A good marketing kit has very few of them.
  2. Presentations build the trust of partners and customers in you and your product. And it doesn’t matter what country: Ukraine, EU countries or America.
  3. Visualization and sales text simply can’t help but affect the image. All a non-serious company wouldn’t spend a budget on developing a marketing kit, would it?
  4. The document works for several sources at once: investors, colleagues, partners, CA.
  5. Visualization always attracts attention. And then there is the catalog text, which will make the product stand out from the competition. As a rule, the price of materials pays off after the first mass distribution.


The service does a lot more than you think. The longer the development, the higher quality material you get. Price has no effect on time. That’s the only way Tresor deals with creating a marketing kit.


Making a custom-made marketing kit

The Tresor team takes care of successful market prospects for every client. Ukraine is a platform open for investments. It is only necessary to properly interest the investor.


Therefore, several specialists work on the development of the marketing kit at once. And the creation of the catalog and presentations takes place in several stages: from advanced marketing analysis to the creation of Wow-effect in the client and his partners. But the main thing is that the marketing kit should sell, not surprise. The cost of the service depends on this.


Tresortech offers two options to solve the problem at once: developing a marketing kit from scratch or according to your prototype. If you already have some ideas or suggestions, sitting and thinking is not the best solution. You should start by filling out a personal brief, which we can use to estimate the volume of tasks and the price.

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