Lead magnet in real estate marketing: gathering audience contacts in 15 ways

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Developers are increasingly using content marketing and advertising for additional warm-up and conversion on the call. Using the content they tell about the advantages of the housing estate, the benefits of buying the object, handle objections, and offer favorable terms of purchase. To do this they need an audience base — contact information.

We have collected 15 examples of lead forms which will help the developer to collect more contacts and expand marketing opportunities.

Subscribe to the news

Covering a company’s activities on a blog or news portal is not an option, but a developer’s responsibility. Third-party content engages audiences and increases brand credibility and recognition on the Web. And it blows away competitors who thought content marketing was a weak point in the budget. That’s not the case, though.

A newsletter subscription is one of the easiest ways to retain customers and convert them to leads. It’s enough to insert a subscription form, link your blog to it and set up a mailing list.

It’s better to show the audience the newsletter announcement before the subscription stage. Interested people are more likely to subscribe than those who just saw the form and filled in the information.

Construction Photo Gallery

Showing the stages of construction of the facility is a great way to engage the audience. After all, people tend to perceive information in two ways: through textual content and visuals. 

It is not necessary to create something new. There are photos of buildings. You just need to pack the gallery and insert a form to subscribe to the company website.

Discounts and special offers

If the client does not have enough money to buy an object from you, he will go to look for other options. A way to retain a category of visitors is to make one of the lead magnets. This is the same form of subscription, but for notifications of upcoming promotions. 

A promotional lead magnet gathers not only a heated audience, but also contacts. The data is sent to the sales department for managers to warm up or a mailing is set up, as in the first two methods.

Educational Webinars

Webinars are great for lead magnets for several reasons:

  1. Value. People are willing to listen to useful information that will help them choose a condo or save money on legal paperwork and purchase.
  2. It’s an extra touchpoint with the target audience.
  3. Webinars are rich with content, such as surveys and questionnaires, that can help qualify potential clients.

Webinars are usually conducted by pre-registration. A form is set up on the Web site where the customer fills out contact information. Whether he comes or not, the person’s information is already in the company’s database. Then comes the warm-up through chatbots, newsletters, or the sales department.

Checklists, guides

This is not a blog article, but a separate file document. In it, you put useful information for customers: selection advice, purchase rules, legalities. In general – everything that will make life easier for clients who are looking for real estate from a developer.

Before downloading the file added a registration form to get the guide. Win2Win strategy works: you get the data warmed up the audience, and customers – the useful and free material.


Video content takes the lion’s share of builder marketing. The same webinars can be recorded and posted to a private YouTube channel. Clients can get access through a special contact form.

In the video, you can not only give useful information but also reinforce the data with real examples. Show the object at the stage of development, and how the company’s work is going. The audience becomes more loyal and closer to the brand, and getting targeted leads is more likely.

Notification of the start of sales

If the builder has information about a future project — you can add it to the site and add a lead form. For example:

Mailing letters telling about the construction of the new residential complex will fuel the audience’s interest before the start of sales. And you get a base of potential customers for the next step in the sales funnel.

Signing up for a tour 

A tour of the property is a way to provide a complete picture of the future residential complex. The audience can assess the advantages and disadvantages of the area where housing is chosen, as well as calculate the cost of travel to school, daycare, and workplace. Many construction companies arrange familiarization tours of their facilities.

Offer to sign up for a tour of the property right on the site. Several benefits and advantages over the sign-up form will add to the audience’s confidence in the quality and necessity of such a tour.

Invitation to a meeting

Holidays, open houses, and online meetings are written into the developer’s media plan and can be part of the marketing plan. 

To make the example a lead magnet and gather contacts, it’s worth adding a sign-up form for potential clients

Invite everyone by adding a registration form on the website. You can emphasize the importance of the event for the client, and add bonuses and promotions for participants to increase the response to the offer. And at the event itself, you can additionally encourage customers to take advantage of the company’s offers. 


A quiz, a quiz, a contest – a type of game involving the audience. It can be a survey or a social media challenge. The most common lead-ins are a list of questions on the site.

A quiz can check:

  1. How well the client has chosen the right apartment.
  2. Does he have a budget?
  3. Marital status, distance to work, and other factors will help the manager find the ideal lid for the apartment.

The more data you collect from the quiz, the easier it is to talk to the client and give him what he really wants.

Ask a question to an employee

The «Ask a Question» field is one of the most popular lead magnets used not just in real estate development. 

In marketing, it’s important to close all of a customer’s information needs at the decision stage. The more the company interacts with people, the more loyal and lukewarm they are to their next decisions: invitations to meetings, promotions, and calls from managers. 

It is important not only to communicate with the audience through such forms but also to make them visible. White, as in the example – works poorly, unless placed in a place where the client is sure not to pass by. Additionally, the form will emphasize the bright design of buttons and visualization.

Chat support 

The developer can also collect audience contacts in online support. It can be a request for a manager to specify an e-mail address, which will receive a detailed answer to a question. Or registration fields in the attached chatbot before the communication starts.

After you have registered in the ticket system, you will receive a message, to which a company employee will reply. And the contacts are entered into the unified system for further heating up.


A family has decided to move from a cramped one-room apartment to a three-room apartment. The old room is no longer needed, and selling it or renting it out is a long and laborious business.

Trade-in allows customers to buy an apartment in a new building for the cost of the old one. If your company uses such offers — add a lead magnet to your website. The client enters his or her contact details and gets a calculator for calculating the price of the old apartment, or an approximate estimate.

Case study

Practical case studies of the developer describing the results achieved are one of the few effective tools in attracting customers, which does not require an investment of money. It is enough to spend time collecting information and compiling it into a case study.

Company cases can be part of a newsletter or a separate lead magnet. If frequent publications in the newsletter discourage customers, it is better to set the newsletter separately to the category of cases, so that the client gets acquainted only with the practical part of the company’s work.

A sales presentation

Presentations visualize information and make information about the developer’s activities easy to understand. Thus, it is a great idea for a lead magnet. 

Before downloading the materials, be sure to ask the client to leave contact information.

The plus side of the presentation is that in addition to the informative part, you can develop a whale of a pitch to warm up customers and convert them to a targeted call. This will be not only a presentation of facilities but also numbers, facts, partners, and reputation in the market. Any information that will enable the decision to buy the apartment.

You can order the sales presentation, as well as other types of lead magnets on our website. Leave an application form to get a personalized offer.

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