How Chessboard helped a developer’s clients speed up their property selection to 7-14 seconds

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The real estate market is changing, everyone wants to sell online and compete with tools that are customer-friendly. The easier and faster a buyer picks up an apartment on your site, the better the chance of closing the deal and getting ahead of the competition.

One such tool that solves most of the problems in selecting an object for buyers is the chessboard. 

Don’t already have such a directory on your site? In this article, we will explain why developers should have a chessboard now, rather than in a few months.

What is a chessboard and how does it work

Speaking about marketing in general, a chessboard (or apartment chart) appears as a piece of paper, on which the cells with numbers of products, categories, etc. are shown. In real estate and development, instead of products, cells with numbers and parameters of apartments are placed on the panel.

The purpose of the chessboard – control and accounting for sold real estate for the sales department; convenience for the client in selecting a particular offer of interest.

On the interactive panel, apartments can be grouped by the filter. For example, by numbers, floor, or the number of rooms. And in connection with the CRM, they set the status of the object: vacant, booked, or sold.

The catalog of apartments has several visualization options. For example, when you click on a specific object, the client can see the layout with precise technical characteristics.

The demonstration scheme works very simply:

  • The audience goes to the site of the housing estate and sees an interactive panel with apartments.
  • The visitor clicks on filters and adds his parameters. Thereby choosing the apartment according to their personal needs and wishes. The manager is not involved at this stage.
  • The visitor gets all the information in a few minutes and even at the stage of viewing the apartment online, the potential client can become a real client. The application is sent to the sales department.
  • The manager, using the CRM, receives a message about an application for a particular apartment on the list.
  • A call to the heated lead and a dialogue with the sales manager.

Using a chessboard, and picking an apartment is as easy as processing the transaction on the manager’s end.

Benefits of the chessboard for the development company

Implementing a visualized dashboard is beneficial for all parties to a real estate transaction. What’s a plus for site visitors:

  • The design pleases customers, who process information better with visuals and buttons, and less with digesting text content;
  • you can get detailed information and book an apartment right on the site of the housing estate;
  • the chessboard is scalable to any device. The selection of objects is available on the PC or on the way to work from your smartphone.
  • A good impression of the managers’ work, who quickly process the application.

No less important is the tool for sales managers:

The lengthy apartment buying process requires constant interaction with buyers. With normal procedures, a manager is not able to remember the nuances of communication with a dozen customers who leave applications daily.

  • Chessboard comes to the rescue, which integrates with the CRM and allows the customer to be guided from the first contact until the purchase. All customer information is uploaded to the dashboard. The manager knows which apartments are a priority for the client. This allows to avoid mistakes and build a correct process of interaction, where the client receives all the information in time, and the manager sells better and more.
  • Also, the overall work of the sales department accelerates tenfold. We took an example from the Flatris website, in which the company indicates an average apartment selection time of 7 seconds. In reality, the time varies up to 14 seconds. But it’s still faster than the entire transaction would be handled solely by the developer’s management.
  • All information in the system is updated automatically, which means no more double-booking errors.

In addition to the overall improvement and acceleration of the sales department, the finished chessboard also provides benefits to department managers and marketers:

  • Ordering to implement chessboard reduces site launch time by 1.5 months. You don’t need to look for developers to implement a better solution than your competitors.
  • Management receives reports in real-time through CRM. 
  • the marketer sees the structure of customer demand.
  • there is no need to send the entire source file with the chessboard or the report to the interested employees, you can simply share a link to the desired report in the web service.

How to create a chessboard using Flatris 

The most expensive element on the developer’s website is the interactive catalog for selecting apartments.

Developing a project from scratch means spending up to x3 time and budget. At the same time, there is no 100% guarantee that all the elements of the chessboard will work properly and they will be convenient for potential buyers.

We offer customers ready-made solutions in the form of interactive Flatris and Profitbase chessboards. It is times easier and more economical for our customers. You only need to create a chessboard for your sales department and customers and integrate it into your CRM.

Here is an example of how quickly the apartment catalog is created.

Go to the administrative panel Flatris and select the category “Add object”. Enter the name of the LCD developer.

After we fill the very chessboard, where we insert all the information on the project: type of property, objects, floors, numbers, status, number of rooms, and so on. Nothing new to come up with, if the sales department was working before the assembly of the site. Managers have all the information on each of the objects.

Save the data and check the directory by clicking on the appropriate category.

This is what looks like an interactive chessboard, which will be part of the site of the developer. There aren’t many items right now, since we’re running a test version without any raw data.

Let’s check how the requests come to the administrative panel:

In the chessboard, all you have to do is click a button, and fill in your name and phone number. All information is sent to the admin tool if the system was not previously integrated into the CRM.

All data in the tool is updated 24/7, with no manual work from the sales department. It is enough to edit the chessboard once and embed it in the website using a code that the system has generated by itself.

Why chessboard must be integrated into the CRM immediately

Working from within a ready-made solution frees managers from most of the routine work. Specialists can concentrate solely on sales, improving the skills of dialogue and closing the deal. And all the data will pull up by itself.

We recommend integrating the chessboard directly into the CRM, as it solves several problems at the same time:

  1. Salespeople, accountants, and lawyers work in end-to-end analytics and solve problems in a single window. 
  2. All information is stored in the transaction, i.e. for one client, you can see everything you need on one page – no need to search for anything. At the same time, you can get all the information even from a mobile device.
  3. Flexible functionality of the tool. Forming a commercial proposal, a smart discount calculator, and a preliminary payment schedule – your system can have any functionality you need. 
  4. There is a calculator with options by apartment. Discounts and special offers are immediately attached to the deal. I.e. manager works in one ecosystem and does not need to move anywhere.

We connect one of the popular CRM systems like Zoho, Pipedrive, or Hubspot to every client. 

And if you don’t know how a CRM for a builder works, we recommend reading a detailed article on our blog.


Checkerboard is a universal tool to increase sales for the builder. The client gets a simple and interactive panel, where you can choose the object without the intervention of a boring manager. The sales department gets more time to communicate and close deals. Management – better marketing and customer service results. Apartments are bought more and faster.

You don’t have to create a real estate catalog from scratch, spending huge budgets and time. Leave an application on our website, and we’ll make you a personalized offer with a functional chessboard and a ready CRM for successful marketing.

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