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Unique design, clean code

Due to 8 years experience and over a dozen complex projects, we create modern and convenient solutions that are coherent to people and useful for business.

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Your Marketing, UI/UX and WebDev
partner is up to the challenge.

tresor.tech is a digital machine and an amazing team of professionals ready to provide the best solution for the most demanding customers.

We create websites on the following platforms:

  • WordPress
  • OpenCart
  • Webflow
  • React
  • Yii2
  • Laravel

More than 8 years in the market of omni-channel marketing and web development projects.


successful projects behind for local and global brands.

Perfect approach
to project development.

Since 2014, we have been working with great products, the evolution of which can be observed over many years.

Tresor.tech is a full-cycle digital production, with its own developers, designers, and leading partners in the digital services market.

  • Process

    We conduct qualitative and quantitative research to better understand your product and its users and thus provide you with the long-term solution.

  • Technology

    We use all the modern cloud and local tools for effective results - Figma, Sketch, Git, AE.

  • Principles

    The outlines of our work with each project: Make every project like it's for you
    Mutual respect and win-win approach
    Quickly, Qualitatively, Conveniently

  • The Team

    Tag tresor.tech brings together more than 30 like-minded, creative units and real pros in copywriting, design, layout, marketing and related services.

  • Relationship

    We try to build a relationship of trust with our customers. We prefer win2win cooperation, which benefits both parties.

Website is an important part of a business.

We create not only company websites, but we develop an important part of your online marketing system. We create solutions that are pleasant to use and that everyone likes - customers, colleagues, partners, and the IT department.

project team

Each project is supported by a team of 5 to 12 people, depending on complexity and technology requirements.

Your personal
manager (PM)

A personal manager who will support communication from the agency.

quality department

Inside the agency built a process of quality control at every stage of the work.

Beautiful and
understandable UX/UI

Every project developed at the agency has a special place on the shelf at Behance, Dribble and Awwwards.

and clean code

Projects are executed according to all W3C standards using the latest React, Vue, Yii and Laravel frameworks.

Comfortable CMS
of your choice

When choosing to develop through a CMS, we offer development on Wordpress, where we have 8 years of experience in creating and maintaining.

Lifetime warranty on your project

If an error is found, we will correct it free of charge within 48 hours.

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Trusted by the best in the business

We work with companies from 20 countries of the world.

13,053 km is the distance from Kiev to Sydney, where our most remote client is located.

Geography of our clients: Miami, London, Warsaw, Melbourne, Dubai, Batumi, Tel Aviv, Astana, Podgorica, Toronto, Berlin, Trinidad & Tobago, Ontario, Riga, Kyiv and others...

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A time-tested approach.



We conduct a study of the market, the nearest competitors and determine the potential audience of the product or service with which we will work.



We design an interactive prototype with Figma/Axure/Mindnode for the future solution and coordinate its structure and content with the client.


Design (UI/UX)

We develop a unique Moodboard, create and implement the author's design concept of the project, in accordance with current trends, expectations of the client, and tastes of the target audience.



Turn design into quality product code that looks great on any modern device and supports all current resolutions. Pixel perfect, mobile-first.



We put the project management system - it is possible as a completely custom solution, as well as common system CMS WordPress with lots of plugins for easy work.



We support the project on a regular basis and promptly make changes and customer requests to the product. Lifetime warranty for bug fixing within 48 hours of the request.

Project team.


Your contact person throughout the project development period. The PM's task is to supervise the project from the agency's side and approve with you the key stages of development.


Analyzes your product, select a relevant portrait of the target audience, helps to highlight your strengths and advantages.


Conducts all the content work needed for the project, explaining complex things in simple words, and doing it beautifully.

Web Designer

Сreate a unique mood board, develop a design concept in accordance with the tone of voice, client expectations, and preferences of the audience of the product or service.


Implements the technical component, forcing the design layout to become "live" code. Our 100% mobile-friendly layout displays perfectly on all modern devices.


Brings to life all those technical gizmos that you wanted so much but were afraid to ask. Any, the most complex technical solutions these bearded guys can handle.

We usually use the following techniques.

Axure RP

Software for prototyping and specifying websites and applications.

Adobe XD CC

Interface design software from Adobe Systems. Supports vector graphics and web layout and creates small active prototypes.


Online service for interface development and prototyping with real-time collaboration.


The most popular CMS in the world, which is suitable for most small and medium-sized projects.

JS Frameworks

Custom solutions of medium and high complexity on React, Vue, Angular frameworks.

Yii 2

Medium and high complexity solutions for services with high load and requirements on Yii2 framework.

Expert Consultation

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How much does it cost to develop a site?

It is impossible to answer this question right away. Unlike simple solutions like Landing Page, where we can provide a fixed price and lay down certain labor costs, everything is individual for corporate sites.

Someone needs a simple site with a basic set of pages, and someone needs dozens of integrations, end-to-end analytics and constant export to aggregators. Therefore, we can only say the initial entrance ticket cost in absentia for each class of projects.

Download a sample cost estimate

15 Mb - PDF decor

Watch a short video about our approach to pricing.

Corporate website

Each project is created exclusively for the client's needs, completely from scratch. We are not afraid of experiments and are ready to offer bold ideas, creating a cool "package" for your business.

No templates, only the most effective execution of tasks.


the cost of the corporate website.


people - in the development team

We can make estimation of Time & Materials after a short interview

At this stage, we will gather all the information we need to calculate the cost of the project, taking into account all the necessary options and features.

Learn more about agency prices

We make an accurate calculation of your project

Send an inquiry to receive a project cost calculation and our recommendations for its development with regard to your requirements.

Calculate the cost

What you get as a result?

A thoughtful, modern and solid website

A great system for marketing development

A platform for attracting new leads & customers

Delight from customers and compliments from partners

Need something else??

We are happy to take on other tasks as well:

Advertising and SMM

  • Setting up Google ads
  • Setting up Facebook
  • Setting up Instagram
  • SMM
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Corporate websites

  • Design support
  • Front/Back-end Dev
  • Marketing support
  • Tech support
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End-to-end Analytics

  • Setting up Ringostat
  • Call Tracking
  • Setting up CRM
  • Automation & Dashboard
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Features and nuances of creating a corporate website.

Corporate website, in comparison with the banding site, online business card site, online store, this is a larger project. He is not sharpened on direct sales, so the pages are rarely found on the price. Corporate website – it’s more about image and status.


An Internet resource consists of various pages where the client can get acquainted with the information about the company and its field of activity. The development of a corporate website is usually ordered by major players in the market – companies with history, traditions, a large knowledge base, etc.


Corporate website is a branch of your company on the Internet. It forms the image and representation of the client about the company, so you need to approach the creation of the site thoroughly and seriously. In the development of a turnkey website you need to take into account many nuances: from structure and usability to design and text.


Creating a corporate web site starts with setting goals and objectives. Who, if not the customer, knows their business perfectly and will be able to provide important information that can be used in compiling a portrait of the target audience (TA) and competitor analysis, to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company.


It is clear that you do not need to write the terms of reference for a programmer or copywriter – we take it all on ourselves. But you should be ready to tell about your company or brand, provide photos, video content, based on which will be designed corporate identity, written storitelling to the section “About company”, filled the section “Photo gallery”, internal pages of the site, infoblocks for customers and partners.


At the development stage, communication between the client and the contractor is important. Close communication between the client and the development team is the key to the successful implementation of the corporate website in accordance with the goals and strategy of the company.


Why does a company need a website?


Development of a corporate website is needed to interact with customers and partners, optimize business processes, increase brand awareness, sales of goods and services. Customers’ services for the development of corporate web site from scratch are often medium and large companies that are engaged in business for a relatively long time, have a large base of contacts, and several offices in different cities of Ukraine.


Through the corporate website you can inform clients about promotions and sales, discounts, presentations of new brands, news related to the work of the company. In contrast to lendings and marketplaces, corporate websites contain maximum information about the company: history in the form of storytelling, objectives, mission, cases, photo and video content, price lists, catalogues, achievements, awards and other arguments to confirm image and professionalism.


Developing a turnkey corporate website will require if:


  • the old site is made on an old engine and no longer meets modern requirements;
  • the company is planning to expand its business and enter the international market (to be more solid);
  • the company has scaled to an extent that the old website no longer meets the realities of business;
  • want to prove their leadership in the market, to unite the company’s representative offices outside Ukraine;
  • to increase brand awareness and loyalty among regular customers.


A number of tasks can be accomplished through the site:


  • Automate the process of managing the sales of goods and services;
  • receive feedback from regular and new clients;
  • to inform the audience about the company’s activities or changes in work;
  • to add new pages as the range of products or the list of services provided;
  • Conduct PR activities, drawings, contests to captivate the target audience;
  • promote individual pages of the corporate site in organic search or through contextual advertising;
  • Monitor behavioral factors by connecting analytics and making adjustments.


Developing a corporate website – the keys to success

The secrets of creating an effective corporate website:


  1. Accurately reflects the concept of the brand, uses an external visual interface – identity (corporate identity, characteristic fonts and other elements).
  2. Performs the functions of a resource for the proper positioning of the company in a particular market segment in Ukraine or abroad.
  3. Causes interest among visitors and looks good against competitors in the business.
  4. Has a high adaptability when viewed from smartphones and tablets.
  5. Has a high loading speed: modern people do not like to wait long, and if the pages are loaded more than 3 seconds – expect a lot of bounce and low rates of the site in the organic extradition.
  6. Provides an increase in conversion – the percentage of users of the corporate site who have completed the target action on the page (purchase goods, order services, call back consultant, register on the site, subscribe to the newsletter, etc.).


In the process of creating a website from scratch Tresor development team focuses on the following factors, which determine the success of the entire Internet project:


  1. The interface is clear and attractive to the user, which stands out with its “chips” against competitors.
  2. Smooth operation of the resource with reliable hosting and CMS, constant technical support site.
  3. Satisfying the requests of visitors who come to the portal for valuable information, emotions or a specific product.
  4. Periodic updating of content on the site (publication of news, photo gallery, FAQ section, blog articles, etc.) – so the search engine sees that the site is “alive”, so it gives him a good search position in the organic output.
  5. Constant scaling and attraction of the target audience from social networks, organic search, contextual advertising, emails and other marketing activities.


The price of corporate web site development


Timing and price of turnkey website development are made after analyzing the business goals and objectives for which the resource should be sharpened. The price will affect the fact on what engine (CMS) or framework to order the development. The price of the project varies in a fairly wide range and also depends on:


  • the need to develop an exclusive design with complex elements;
  • needs to extend the functionality of the site, associated with third-party APIs;
  • number of landing web pages with original animations, graphics, illustrations.


For a more accurate calculation of the cost of developing the site from scratch, you need to fill out a brief, and then consult with the customer to clarify all the details that may affect the price of work.


How to order a corporate website in Ukraine


Creating a corporate website from scratch by Tresor means that our client gets a ready-to-use full-fledged business resource without the need to delve into complicated development processes. Our sites are developed on a convenient management system, which is easy to deal with even an untrained user. You can quickly modify and add new pages, texts, photos, pictures, view visitor statistics, etc. Before handing over the project we will teach you or your employee to work with the admin panel. This will take no more than two hours of your time.


To order website development you need to contact a Tresor project manager and request a brief. It will allow you to save time and understand us, as a developer, the goals and objectives of the resource, to estimate terms and calculate a preliminary price for creating a site from scratch or reorganizing an old site.


Next, the process of developing the site is as follows:


  1. Analysis of competitors, compiling a portrait of the target audience, identifying strengths and weaknesses of the business.
  2. Design (development of a prototype site taking into account SEO requirements.
  3. Design concept for all pages of the platform.
  4. Adaptive layout, suitable for all browsers and devices.
  5. Programming with the implementation of the functionality specified in the terms of reference for the creation.
  6. Integrate the resource with CRM and other internal systems.
  7. Testing of the site with subsequent correction of bugs and errors.
  8. Launch the project on the Internet (server settings, SEO parameters).


It is important to remember that the site – it’s like a living organism that requires attention from the owner: constant improvement, updating and adding content.

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