Advanced analysis of your business by 60+ indicators.

Our clients earn an average of 30% more by optimizing their advertising costs based on our end-to-end analytics report.

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A full-scale analysis, without which a progressive company cannot do without. is an office partner of Ringostat and PipeDrive. As a package, we offer clients integration, configuration and maintenance of end-to-end analytics "in one window".

We use the best analytics and tracking systems:


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We do not speculate on how to improve the company, but conduct research and provide reports with specific indicators.

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How you can use end-to-end analytics to affect sales and net profit

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    A complete study

    We audit and set up analytics on pages, sites, and applications. We collect data from advertising, call-tracking and CRM-systems.

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    Convenient Reporting

    We summarize and formalize the results of the study in a single report, which will help decision-makers and employees.

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    All on one screen

    Display all the statistics of the company on one screen for easy reference to the management, marketing, and sales department.

Understanding all processes is the key to maximum company efficiency.

Ads is 30% cheaper

On average, our clients reduce advertising costs by 30% while maintaining applications

Identifying weaknesses

According to the results of analytics, you will be able to disable inefficient channels that do not affect profits

Points of interaction

We will analyze the entire path of interaction between the company and the client: from visiting the site to the sale

A tool for sales growth

With end-to-end analytics, you can optimize advertising for sales, net profit, and LTV


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Telephony + Analytics + CRM capabilities for business:

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Full-scale analytics

We collect all the information from telephony, website, Google analytics, as a result getting all the information about the state of the company on one page in the cabinet Ringostat.

  • sales efficiency
  • advertising channel efficiency
  • frequency of appeals, LTV of customers
  • the cost of a lead/client from each advertising channel

With the help of customized analytics, the company gets even more customers and reduces advertising costs by an average of 30%

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Virtual telephony

We set up virtual telephony for unlimited numbers, all popular CIS/European/USA operators are available.

  • Precise tracking of the source of the call
  • Record all calls in the cloud
  • Caller's card, call history for each client
  • Ability to make calls directly from the browser (Ringostat plugin)

With virtual telephony, a company can effectively track job sites for offline and online advertising channels

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Export all appeals to CRM

We export all appeals from all advertising platforms, where you get leads, in one place - your CRM (HotSpot/PipeDrive/Zoho).

  • A powerful tool for maintaining a database of clients and leads
  • history of customer requests for all time in one place
  • Integration with your advertising platforms and website
  • clear reports on the results of the sales department

Work with CRM speeds up the company at times, allowing you to quickly work with a base of customers, conduct promotions, make selections leads / customers on certain characteristics and much more.

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How much does it cost to implement
analytics + CRM

Discounted price: 1800$

Old price: 2 400$

In 21 days we'll
connect and configure


Ringostat end-to-end analytics system


30 days of support after launch


Connect Ringostat call-tracking


Conduct training for key employees


Bind to analytics and CRM advertising offices, websites


Let's set up an individual dashboard in Ringostat and CRM

Let's set up an individual dashboard in Ringostat and CRM


All business processes in great detail on one convenient screen


A tool to help you optimize your campaign for sales and net profit

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How end-to-end analytics saves businesses money?

Told you everything we know about end-to-end
web analytics. A useful article for
marketers and entrepreneurs.

Approximate reading time: 6 minutes.

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Step-by-step setup process.

Defining goals

We study your business objectives and determine the main KPIs for analytics

Configuring sources

Set up data collection tools, prepare sources for aggregation of statistics

Communication scheme

Linking and configuring different communication channels to make everything work

Sync by

We export data from all sources to a single online database of statistics

Statistics output

You get the results of the analysis on an online dashboard for convenient analytics

Optimization and support

Analyze the efficiency of traffic sources and call center operation, and suggest further solutions

Trusted by the best in the business

We work with companies from 20 countries of the world.

13,053 km is the distance from Kiev to Sydney, where our most remote client is located.

Geography of our clients: Miami, London, Warsaw, Melbourne, Dubai, Batumi, Tel Aviv, Astana, Podgorica, Toronto, Berlin, Trinidad & Tobago, Ontario, Riga, Kyiv and others...

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What you get as a result?

An audit of your current business,
marketing and advertising campaigns

Qualitatively configured end-to-end analytics system

Report on 60+ indicators on
handy dashboard

The best tool for
Advertising and business optimization

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We are happy to take on other tasks as well:

Advertising and SMM

  • Setting up Google ads
  • Setting up Facebook
  • Setting up Instagram
  • SMM

Corporate websites

  • Design support
  • Front/Back-end Dev
  • Marketing support
  • Tech support

End-to-end Analytics

  • Setting up Ringostat
  • Call Tracking
  • Setting up CRM
  • Automation & Dashboard

What is end-to-end analytics and why order it.

End-to-end analytics system – a set of CRM tools that integrates data on the actions of the buyer: from the transition to the site to obtain revenue for a successful order.


The system provides a complete report and analysis of KPIs necessary for the business: budget, advertising, call center actions, managers, company expenses and other metrics. That’s why analytics is called end-to-end, because it connects all sources of data about the business through the actions of the client and staff.


This scheme allows you to monitor customer behavior at each stage of the sales funnel. And where there are problematic moments: the audience is difficult to choose, managers poorly provide services or marketer has not thought through advertising – a thorough tuning of the tool is carried out and the changes are made. As a result, the site’s income increases.


By setting up end-to-end analytics, you solve four tasks of your business at once:


  • Monitor all sources of leads for their effectiveness. What brings low KPIs – remove or adjust.
  • Identify the business channels that bring the most traffic and leads. They are worth developing more.
  • Adjustment of ineffective sources to a state of stable receipt of leads is carried out.
  • Based on the data from each source, you can calculate the average cost per lead – how much budget the ad took to attract one customer.


Implementation of the end-to-end analytics scheme for business – acquiring a comprehensive tool that collects data from all sources and analyzes them. The service allows you to open a service and see a single report on clients. It is easy to analyze for both the marketer and the business owner.


What reports you can receive for analysis


End-to-end analytics services work in such a way that you set any number of metrics for the site: both online and offline. After all, the client can look at the information on the site, but order the product already at the company’s office.


After setup, comprehensive CRM tools:


  • Collect data on the sources of leads. This includes call tracking, chats on the site, advertising, mailing lists, and so on.
  • Collect KPIs from integrated tools: CRM, advertising in Google and Yandex, social networks, Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrika.
  • The report contains the main trackers under analysis: how many clicks on ads, leads, applications, ROI and more.
  • Calltracking displays data on communication with the client: the source of the call, the order number, the ad, the client number and other relevant information.


The end-to-end analytics system has customization of additional turnkey tools: call tracking, CRM, UTM tags. After all, advertising cannot exist in space: without analysis and tracking tags.


The final report shows all indicators of marketing and sales. Basic settings:


  • Clicks – how much traffic went to the site from advertising sources.
  • Leads – all customer actions that lead to an order or call (filling out a feedback form, etc.). The information is displayed in a separate CRM;
  • Deals – a customer who is interested in buying. Exactly ready to buy, not to order a call or brochures to the mail;
  • Sales – transactions with customers that ended up making a profit for the business.


For all levels, the end-to-end analytics system provides the number of transactions and their cost. If you look at the data on each level, you can see the conversion analysis and its budget. All data is displayed on interactive graphs. You can observe and analyze metrics over a period of time – whether the business is profitable or fading under the pressure of competitors.


Another feature of a comprehensive CRM is the publication of ROMI results. This is the most accurate marketing indicator. Displays the cumulative return on investment from marketing channels. You can observe whether the advertising budget has paid off in the number of clients brought to a successful result – profit.


End-to-end analytics service from Tresor: stages of setup and implementation


There are two options for implementing end-to-end analytics: a common system on a tracking platform (you connect the analytical tools yourself) and the turnkey principle – the implementation is outsourced to specialists. Tresor does the latter.


Why does the “turnkey order” scheme win? It’s simple. First, your business does not need to keep another full-time employee or pay extra money to a marketer to maintain end-to-end analytics – an unnecessary burden on the budget. Secondly, it takes time and new knowledge. And outsourcing the job to specialists who only work in end-to-end analytics simplifies the task.


How Tresor’s schema for building analytics to the site and for hybrid forms of business (online+offline) looks like:


  • We form a strategy for the creation of a comprehensive tool. Consultation with the client.
  • Setting up and implementing all sources of leads.
  • The communication channels are connected in a single report.
  • After the tests, the statistics are displayed on the interactive dashboard. The director or marketer just needs to go to the dashboard and see the current information.
  • At all stages of the work we advise your company’s specialists: what decisions need to be taken to improve the performance of analytics.


Service from Tresor – 21 days of work on your order. During this time, we add all the CRM, train your employees, and create a unique dashboard. You only have to wait for the first KPI in the post-order report and adjust the indicators in the sales funnel.


Setting up and implementation of end-to-end analytics: price in Ukraine

The price for the service of implementing end-to-end analytics depends on the choice of path: stand-alone or order a complete solution. For the conditionally free option it is worth relying only on your own efforts. Study CRM, combine KPI reports in an Excel spreadsheet or similar.


The practice has shown that ordering analytics in the form of a contract is much more profitable. It can bring results after just a few months of the site’s operation. The Tresor team is familiar with business assignments, hundreds of metrics and is ready to share its practice and experience with each client.

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